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App Catalog Screenshot Reveals Pre Apps To Come?

by Derek Kessler Wed, 13 May 2009 6:31 pm EDT

It’s amazing how five months later these things keep cropping up. Gizmodo, like many others, got a demo of the Palm Pre back at CES, but even now we’re discovering new things. For example, Gizmodo looks to have gotten a look at the App Catalog (in January!) and didn’t even realize it. But eagle-eyed PreCentral forum member DougB541, we’ve caught our first glimpse of what the App Catalog will look like, or at least what it looked like back in January.

And thanks to GregV’s deciphering skills, we can see what apps the App Catalog had for display. Under the category of Palm Presents, we can see Pandora, News, Twitter, and Chess, and under the heading of Carrier Featured there’s Golf, Puzzle, Maze, and A La Carte. Most apps seem relatively straight-forward (presumably News will also include notification bar news alerts), but the A La Carte is a bit vague. Also worth noting up at the top: "Search all 27 applications."

Now are these real applications, or just placeholders so that the App Catalog could be reasonably demoed? That’s an unknown, as it looks like Gizmodo’s glimpse of the App Catalog was only skin deep (so to say), but based on the capabilities of the Pre, the ease of programming for webOS, and Sprint’s advertisements for the Pre, maybe they are real. We’ll just file them in the 'suspected applications' folder for now.

Thanks to DougB541 and GregV in our forums for the tip!