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Location And Travel

External map view
by Jakuje
Nov 21, 2014
Wherigo player for webOS is port of famous Geocaching game Wherigo. You can enjoy real outdoor adventures & play games that responds to you moves thanks to GPS and on your favorite phone. Works...
Main screen
by 72ka
Nov 21, 2012
Online HERE maps for webOS. If you try to open their maps in webOS browser, you can´t interact with the maps. This application is simple webview container to allow user interactions. All the issues...
by 72ka
Apr 20, 2012
Description: This application is trying to be a replacement of unsupported Google Maps application for WebOS devices. The application is based on the recent Google Maps API V3. Development goal...
WP Central
by moimael
Mar 22, 2012
A simple open source map viewer based on OpenStreetMap and OpenAerials, aimed to be fast and simple.   It's quite basic for now, but a lot more features are planned like : - Layers support (road...
Main Screen
by karry
Mar 12, 2012
MojoTracker is an application that acquires GPS track points from the Palm Pre built-in GPS. The track points are stored internally in your phone. Later, you can view it and export to standard gpx...
Main View
by raudi85
Jan 11, 2012
PreFuel is an app, that searches for actual fuelprices for any place in Germany and any type of fuel avalible in Germany. It shows all prices, that have been up-to-date within the last 24 hours. The...
Cache view
by patty21
Dec 05, 2011
GC-gogo is a geocaching tool for webOS. You can search for caches near you, view cache description, logs, maps and pictures. Requires a free geocaching.com account. This BETA version is available for...
by MetaView
Sep 29, 2011
Turn your webOS phone into a BT GPS device for use with MapTool Pro or other apps which support external NMEA GPS devices. This is a full working beta version. It especially needs a better icon. Once...
by fzammetti
Sep 27, 2011
Local Business Search is a free application from the book "Practical webOS Projects with the Palm Pre". It allows the user to search for businesses in and around their current location (as...
by gderoiste
May 26, 2011
This app shows realtime flight info for some of the major airports in the Republic Of Ireland   Live Flight information is issued based on information provided by airlines. Times of Arrival and...