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Location And Travel

by gderoiste
May 23, 2011
Real time train information for The Republic Of Ireland. This application shows the next trains for a specified station It is now available in the official app catalog This app pulls information from...
by Ze-Palm
Dec 04, 2010
*** Update v1.5.3: * New features:* Bug fixed encounter by German users German translation modified <-- Requested by users. Cosmetic changes ... iGPS embeds the functionality of an advanced...
by robinson_k
Oct 31, 2010
Many people want to visit the hackerspace of the Chaos Computer Club / Attraktor - but not everyone owns a key for the entrance door. You are getting the possibility (e.g. at work, or in the...
by maettyhawk
Sep 30, 2010
gigflick is an application to localize concerts and music events based on a place that has to be defined in advance. Due to the possibilty to connect you last.fm account and the capturing of GPS data...
by hape
Sep 19, 2010
This is port Navit,an open source (GPL) car navigation software for Linux, Windows systems and portable devices, for the Pre /Pixi. It will display your position on a map (in bird-view mode or as a...
by christophl87
Aug 29, 2010
This application allows you to update your position on Google Latitude. In addition to that it can start a background service that updates your position automatically in a configured interval. The...
by palmdoc#AC
Jul 11, 2010
Traffic information application for Malaysia and Singapore comprising links to traffic cams, traffic podcasts, public transport information and a map of the KL Light Rail Transit.  Change log: v...
by Minsc
Jun 18, 2010
Homing Device is a location app that is controlled by text messages. It's really simple and works like this: You define a "trigger" word (basically any combination of letters/numbers) and then you...
by zifc
May 30, 2010
French Survival Guide is a french audio phrasebook. In its full version, it will come with more than 700 phrases. Nevertheless this Lite version will come with only the first section, which contains...
by psychofly
May 22, 2010
Everyone who has been (mis)fortunate enough to use the London Tube will probably have experienced delays or unexpected closures. There isn't much an app can do with regard to actually fixing the Tube...