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Location And Travel

by bchildsdotcom
Oct 13, 2009
Bus Tracker uses OneBusAway to provide realtime bus arrival information for the King County transit system. Features include: list your favorite stops find nearby stops find stops on a map
by markpowers
Oct 07, 2009
Available in the App Catalog! Go To Tool is a webOS application for creating,managing and locating GPS waypoints. A Go To Tool waypoint marks the latitude and longitude that represent a point on the...
by mfive
Sep 29, 2009
This program has one simple purpose, to find all geocaches surrounding where you are. It uses the phone's GPS to send your location information to geocaching.com, which then outputs the list of local...
by abegee
Sep 21, 2009
update 1.0.5 fixed bug with car gps location. update 1.0.4 minor bug fixed. A simple app for those who tend to forget where they parked their car after a long hard day. 1. the main feature of the app...
by redhat
Aug 12, 2009
A simple app that solves a big problem - finding the nearest Starbucks location as fast as possible. Not every city is like New York where you can see at least two Starbucks signs from any...