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by blakeb
Feb 24, 2010
*If you are having trouble installing, disable your preware feeds.* This is the *lite* version of XMBC Remote found in the App Catalog. It limits results from the server. Control XBMC from your WebOS...
by richaoj
Feb 16, 2010
This is my first attempt at this, so forgive the crudeness of this app. I am learning as I go, and now have someone who is going to help "prettify" the application. This is the first public...
by themozz
Feb 09, 2010
Here's a way to view and listen to music from artists you follow on Just type the username you want to listen to in the textbox and hit view, and it will be saved for the next time....
by insanefury
Jan 14, 2010
Teen Repellent generates irritatingly high frequency sounds similar to that of a mosquito. As one gets older they lose the ability to hear these high frequency sounds thereby limiting the target...
by itsallsubliminal
Jan 14, 2010
Update: Formerly Super Troopers SoundBOARD, but now a whole new look for sound boards. Just like a film strip, flick your way to the clip you want and just tap. Please leave feedback in forum if...
by confusedvorlon
Jan 11, 2010
Control iTunes from your Pre. This is a free version of the Remote application in the AppCatalog. It lets you use all the basic controls such as volume, position, play/pause and track skipping It...
by tonyparisi
Jan 07, 2010
Added PC View And Control Now Supporting VLC The App is ahead of the app catalog (coming out soon).. The price of the server is $4.99 and includes 1 year of upgrades. To purchase see: Media...
by net2streams
Dec 20, 2009 - Shoutcast Streaming Station Directory APP! 12-16-09 9:00PM Listen to your favorite ShoutCast streaming stations on your Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. Browse by Genre or use the search...
by TippiX
Dec 13, 2009
Image resizing app for WebOS PLEASE CONSIDER: use at your own risk! This app will be installed in root mode. A script will be executed to install a system service. I've tested it on my own Palm Pre...
by josmo
Dec 10, 2009
MyBPM is a simple beats per minute application which will figure out a songs BPM by tapping to the beat. The application also tries to figure out the BPM if you shake the phone to the beat....