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News And Internet

by MetaView
Jul 12, 2011
As some of you might already read on Twitter, I wrote little Offline Browser app which tries to fix some annoyance with the original browser and the whole workflow during reading Twitter, Email or...
by tehtorq
Apr 19, 2011
reddit: the voice of the internet - news before it happens   0.3.0 homebrew release: (13/04/2012) - submit new articles - multiple login support - basic read it later support - pull...
by r2xj
Apr 04, 2011
SAC Alert is a beta app that will show you the current deal on the ODAT (One Deal At a Time) site Clicking the logo at the top of the screen will take you to the site. You can use...
by creeker
Mar 07, 2011
German: Die Hauptfunktion ist, ziemlich simpel, die Aufbereitung des Speiseplans der Mensa und weiteren gastronomischen Einrichtungen der Uni Paderborn. Da es für Android und iOS bereits ähnliche...
by palmdoc#AC
Dec 02, 2010
This is an Unofficial BBC News app, created out of a need for something a little more complete than the BBC mobile website. I wanted a dedicated BBC News app similar to the NY Times one which allows...
by maybeestarigard
Oct 26, 2010
This app provides an quick overview of the contents of This site lists the menu of the cafeteria of the TU Kaiserslautern. This app also shows the ratings of different foods given...
by palmdoc#AC
Sep 30, 2010
MNews is a webOS portal app to access Malaysian online news sites. The font size is formatted for use on a Palm Pre/Palm Pre Plus. Changelog: Update 1.0.0 The main menu is arranged in 2 groups. The...
by boucles0
Sep 23, 2010
App catalog : Beta feeds : Here’s my Precentral...
by Jason Harrison
May 05, 2010
Palm Pre Comics and WebOS Humor all served up in a digital doodle fashion! Since is already formatted to look good on your Palm Pre Web Browser, this is nothing more than a simple web...
by onedr0p
Mar 15, 2010
Here is an app I've been working on for dezro (Antisocializer). He said he wouldn't have much time to finish his app, so I made a few changes to it. It allows you to view reddit, subreddits, and...