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by cyberprashant
Dec 06, 2009
Final Release of the Techtray App for WebOS
by grepper
Dec 05, 2009
Available in the App Catalog! FriendsFlow is a Facebook client. It has many capabilities which are not available in such as polling for updates, viewing mobile posts, using the palm...
by sic_software
Dec 02, 2009
Friendsbook is a free facebook client, that allows you to view your news feed and your friends facebook account. See you facebook notifications count, the notification details and mark them as read....
by diov
Nov 27, 2009
Daily Photo is a "photo of the day" application with some nice extra features. It supports viewing today's photo, yesterday's and a random photo. It also has access to your own photos and the devices...
by cmusik
Nov 17, 2009
This is an app for browsing bookmarks on your phone. At the moment you can see your networks bookmarks, browse your tags and bookmarks and save new.
by eisnerguy1
Oct 12, 2009
Ever have trouble keeping track of all of Google's, Yahoo's, AOL's & the Windows Live Mobile web apps? Now you can with one simple app!! MobiOS Version 1.2.4 New features: Mostly a maintenance...
by drgnlover
Oct 10, 2009
Formerly PreDailys, MyDailys is a simple app showing Today in History, Birthday Today, Quote of the Day etc.. It updates daily. No rooting necessary.
by eekfuh
Oct 06, 2009
TweeFree is the free version of the full featured Twitter client Twee. TweeFree includes all the normal twitter client features, including photo posting and viewing. It even has WhatTheTrend...
by eekfuh
Sep 16, 2009
Feeds is a RSS Reader. Feeds can integrate with an existing Google Reader account and allow you to read and will mark articles you load as read. Feeds will soon allow for standalone RSS/Atom feeds....
by mfive
Aug 29, 2009
A simple application that allows you to check the availability of any domain, as well as the WHOIS information for a domain, provided it is registered. I needed a simple app to check for domain...