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by roar
Sep 03, 2009
This app translates words and sentences from 45 languages, based on the Google translation service. Also, by clicking on the paper plane, you can send the translated text directly to your buddy via...
by livewire1337
Aug 30, 2009
This is a physics engine modified from Box2dJS. It runs completly from Javascript. This engine was originally ported from a Flash Physics engine Box2D. My reason for making this and posting it here...
by kardin
Aug 28, 2009
Now available on Palm App Catalog. To provide a comprehensive guitar toolkit, the Guitarist's Reference was developed and recently launched, providing learning tools for chords, scales and arpeggios...
by kuhlfire
Aug 27, 2009
Zip Codes is an application that lets you quickly and easily get zip codes matching a specific address or an address for a certain zip code. Handy for people mailing or shipping items everyday and...
by ansond
Aug 25, 2009
v1.0.10 brings icing and freezing weather features, revamped SIGMET/AIRMET selections, "Select All" flight log feature, flight log sorting feature, plus several cleanups and updates. Enjoy! Doug v1....
by mt3ck
Aug 24, 2009
Available in the App Catalog! GetMeVino! also known as PreVino has undergone some changes and is better than ever. GetMeVino! is a quick resource to find great ratings and reviews while your out in...
by majestiq
Aug 13, 2009
A good companion for every Muslim. This app will calculate daily prayer times based on your location, let you know what phase the moon is in, and point you toward the direction of the Kabah.