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System Utilities

by vinnyh
Apr 01, 2011
SDLTerminal is a lightweight terminal for the Palm Pre 1/2. The goal of the design is to ensure stability and compatibility on webOS 1.4.5 and 2.x Pre devices. Works out of the box without depending...
by boucles0
Mar 19, 2011
The aim of Homebrew Gate app is to create a link between official apps and homebrew services. Homebrew provide Cross launching API s othat any developper can use it for App Catalog Apps. Version 1....
by JochenHanebuth
Mar 12, 2011
A simple but useful tool for switching the data mode on and off quickly without the need to go through the preferences of you phone.
by Jason Robitaille
Mar 04, 2011
HP webOS 2.0 brought with it javascript system services. These services are run via Node.js and are amazingly powerful. So naturally, HP locked down third party services with a jailer. For homebrew...
by mapara
Feb 22, 2011
Utilities for Active Card 2. WORKS WITH AC 2.1.1 and higher!   Version 0.1.0b:  - APP SYNC: AC launcher (dock widget) can now access all your installed apps; More coming soon.   If you don't have...
by avnera
Feb 08, 2011
Crosstalk is a unique file and contact information sharing program over WiFi for the HP webOS platform. In general, the normal flow of the application would be: • Setting up “my profile” information...
by kr_ke
Dec 12, 2010
SchedMyPhone is an application, which allows you to start applications or play sounds automatically at some time intervals. It is inspired by the Unix-utility cron. Changelog: 1.0.0: WebOS 2.x-...
by avnera
Nov 26, 2010
This package installs the Hebrew fonts onto the palm pre device. package supports all palm pre devices including the pre2
by qurgh
Sep 13, 2010
This is a pIqaD font package for people running versions of webOS prior to 1.4.5. It replaces your current fonts with pIqaD enabled fonts. This package works fine on my device and in the Pre/Pixi...
by somline
Aug 31, 2010
Dr. Battery: analyze and recalibrate your battery Features: Get the true capacity your battery can hold Recalibrate your battery Get reliable info about remaining runtime Repair your 20% drop 0%...