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App Deals: Select Apps Discounted Up To 50%

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 17 Dec 2009 4:58 pm EST

Have you had your eye on some apps in the Catalog, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger?  Good news:  the prices of some apps have been slashed up to 50% for a limited time. There are some solid applications on sale here, and my of them started their lives out in our very own homebrew section.  Some of the deals are actually really good, knocking $2 off one of the better fitness tracking apps currently occupying the Catalog.  So go forth, fellow consumers, and consume!

From Palm's official blog:

Santa’s making a brief stop at the Palm Beta App Catalog today. For a very limited time, you’ll find special holiday discounts (as much as 50%) on a range of apps, including:

  • If you’re a bargain hunter, meet your new BFF, Dealert.  This app keeps a vigilant eye on popular online deal sites for whatever products you’re in the market for. And at 99 cents during this special promotion, it could be the best investment you’ll make this shopping season.

  • Blocked in traffic? Mentally blocked about that perfect gift? Blocked is a logic  game -- available for just 99 cents -- that gives you hundreds of puzzles to hone your skill at unblocking yourself out of any situation.

  • • T-Money offers a wide range of financial planning tools (for loans, saving, insurance, retirement, and more). And here’s a piece of financial advice: get it now for 50% off the usual price.

  • • Bring the power of GPS to your jogging regimen with JogStats (for $2 less than the usual price). Track (and tweet!) your time, distance, speed, altitude, calorie burn rate, and more, with walking, hiking, and biking options as well.

  • FlashCards is a study companion to help students of all ages. It can help you learn the alphabet, tackle a new language, become a trivia guru, or calculate just how much you’ll save at 50% off.