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App News: New Incredible! screenshots; 100,000 Foursquare Downloads

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 27 Jun 2011 8:23 pm EDT

Remember a while back when we told you about Incredible! for webOS? Well, Zhephree (the developer) has updated his blog to let us know that it's still on the way, and he's even included a few screenshots to keep our app tastebuds salivating for more. To say that it's different than the original designs would not be saying much at all. These latest screenshots get us into some of the details of this changed design, including a slick looking details pane that slides in from the right for viewing media, and a new feature that allows geo-tagging the messages you send out.

Keep an eye open for the beta version to be announced later this week, and a fully polished app to be made available sometime in the coming months. 

But wait, there's more. In the world of Zhephree, there is always something else to be shared. His Foursquare app, known as one of the best to tap into the location-based social network, has broken 100,000 unique app downloads from the catalog, meaning webOS users make up nearly 1% of all Foursquare users worldwide (which recently broke the 10 Million user milestone). Not bad for a side project from a great app developer. For the TouchPad, he tells us, Foursquare is heavily in the works to make it work optimally, and should be ready soon after the TouchPad launch.

You can check out Zhephree's currently available apps in the catalog, and if you're a developer you can join his open source development team in making Foursquare for webOS even better than it already is. For the rest of us waiting on Incredible! to finally be released, it's coming closer to a final build every week and it's looking great. Will the long wait be worth it? Well, let's ask this question instead: isn't every app update from Zhephree worth the wait?

Click through the break to see more Incredible! screenshots, and then leave your comments below. We'll go ahead and read them after day-dreaming about when we'll finally get the app in our catalog.

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