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App Preview: WeTube

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 06 Sep 2011 7:02 pm EDT

Since the recent onslaught of new TouchPad owners rushing into the app catalog to purchase great applications, developers have been getting busy once again and pulling some cool tricks to get their own projects finished and made available to the public. One group of young developers, Kandutech (who brought us Voogle) have sent us a preview of an app that they'll be releasing very soon. It's called WeTube and it serves the purpose that we think the built-in YouTube app should have been doing from the start - delivering video content straight to our devices without having to pinch and zoom our way through a web browser.

WeTube is a YouTube video search app that brings everything from the video-hosting giant straight into a unified interface; including top rated videos, comments, descriptions, tags, related videos and a bit more. While there is no full-screen mode enabled (yet), the entire app has a dark theme to it so that the video stands out from the rest of the page and is comfortable to watch. There are other features that were missing from our preview of the app as well, like being able to send a video link to someone over email or turn off annotations, but so far it works great and is much nicer to user over the alternative web-based experience.

We haven't been told yet when the app will be made available in the catalog (or how much it will cost), but it shouldn't be too much longer from the looks of things. Until then you can follow the lead developer on Twitter at the source link below and keep checking back here to know when it's ready. You'll likely want to grab this app as soon as it goes live.

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