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App Review: Apollo Radio 30

by Sharon L Copeland Sat, 21 Apr 2012 2:37 pm EDT

App Review: Apollo Radio

Pandora has been available for webOS for as long as webOS has been available, but the app never made it to the TouchPad. Sure, there is the HTML5 webapp for Pandora, but we'd rather not have to work it through the browser. We need something less finicky, and that's where the Jake Morrison and Taylor Kimmett's new app Apollo Radio comes in.

Pandora, for the uninitiated, is sort of like your own personal DJ. Based on the Music Genome Project, Pandora's algorithms allow users to build their own personal radio station around their musical preferences. Tell Pandora what music you like, and Pandora digs up other music that it thinks you'll enjoy. If you aren't enjoying what Pandora's served up, you can give the song a thumbs down and Pandora will remove it from your playlist and adjust its predictions for your musical taste. After a while, Pandora can build up a fairly good idea of what you will and won't like. The service is provided free of charge, only asking that you listen to some ads along the way to help pay for the music and servers. Pandora has historically made their own app, releasing versions for all major smartphone platforms.

But the never made a Pandora for the TouchPad. So webOS developers Jake Morrison and Taylor Kimmett decided to take matters into their own hands and used the available but not official Pandora API tobuild Apollo with Enyo. Apollo brings all of the features of Pandora to the TouchPad, making it possibly one of the best music streaming apps available for the webOS tablet.

App Review: Apollo Radio

Everything that was useful about the Pandora app is in Apollo. You can bookmark favorite songs and artists. It suggests new songs and artist; and you can even rate them. A feature we'd never noticed in the old Pandora app (because it wasn't there) is building your own "quickmix", it's like a party music/DJ list, except you don't need a DJ to make it happen, and the music is played commercial free. Apollo also has a great degree of personalization incorporated in the app; you can change the background, choose autoplay at start up, and even setup notifications.

App Review: Apollo Radio

If you're a music lover, then Pandora Radio should already be on your want list. If you're a TouchPad owner, then you should already be on your way to the App Catalog to download Apollo Radio. It's free, so really you have no excuse.