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App Review: BallZ HD 6

by Sharon L Copeland Tue, 12 Jun 2012 4:37 pm EDT

Ballz HD app review

Some games are good time sinks, taking up hours upon hours of time. Others are good for a few minutes here or there when you've got just a few minutes. And a few bright games fall into both camps, good for the quick round or whiling away the hours you should be spending working. We've come across a new game in the App Catalog with the unassuming (and admittedly vague) title of BallZ HD. When the description said it was good for everything from the original Pre and Pixi to the big-screen TouchPad, well, we couldn't help but take a look.

We're not going to lie, BallZ HD sounds to us like something out of the mind of Vince Vaughn, but once we actually dove in we found it's more of a tile breaker and building blocks mash up. The objective of BallZ HD is not that complex. there's an orange grid on which you build walls that can turn to fantastic geomtric designs. All you have to do is just tap on a orange row and it turns into a line of gray cubes. You can build the walls vertically and horizontally easily by switch directions using the tapping the blue wall icon in the lower right hand corner

BallZ HD intro for touchpad

Building walls is fun and all (okay, not really), but there's a reason you're building walls: there are going to be ballz balls flying around the board in short order. The white and transparent (phantom) balls are basically harmless; they just vibrate and move about. Now, if one of your balls touches a wall more than twice the game can end unexpectedly. The black ball is a little more fun. Each wall you build has a little block that contains a life. Not so much fun when you start losing them upon impacts with the black ball. On the other hand, they can really make the square or rectangular building you made look quite spectacular. The goal is to have at least three quarters of your walls standing by the end of the level.

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Every level you complete gets a bit more challenging as there are more balls to avoid. There are four levels which includes a trial level pack. This is a great game for children and adults; we found it really easy to learn and navigate between the different levels. We really love the different patterns that emerge as the tiny balls travel in and out the linear design. We wish it were a tad more challenging, but for what it is... it’s pretty good fun.

BallZ HD is $0.99 in the HP App Catalog. if you want to try before you buy, there is a trial version available as well.