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App Review: E Notes
by Sharon L Copeland on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

App Review: E Notes

Way back in 2009, the Palm Pre and webOS were still new to the world. Also new to the world was Evernote, who released an app built with the also new Mojo framework for webOS. It was a decent app, but it struggled to keep up with changes made to webOS and the Evernote system. So long as you had a webOS smartphone, though, it generally worked. At least, it did until last month, when Evernote made modifications to their API that killed the app for weeks until enough webOS users complained and Evernote brought it back. The change to the API also affected a fledgling app for webOS that brought Evernote to the TouchPad in proper Enyo fashion: E Notes.

Put together by PetzApps, E Notes does require an Evernote account, but that’s not exactly a difficult thing to register and you can do it through the app if you don't already have one. Evernote will even give you a very unique and very long email address that allows you upload notes anytime, anywhere. We would advise you to save your new email in your contacts in your system. E Notes takes full advantage of webOS' Enyo app framework, utilizing a beautiful sliding pane system that aids in multitasking, making it a breeze to jump from one task to another. E Notes even has a notifications to keep you updated when a note, notebook, or tag on your account has been altered or has been added.

E Notes makes it very easy to manage your notes, notebook and tags through an easy-to-comprehend icon-based system. The green plus sign creates new, the red dash deletes, and the pencil edits - pretty straight forward stuff. When adding notes into the system use the @symbol for notebook, and use the hashtag # for what else, tags. You'll end up with something like this: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report, which will file that entry into the 'travel' notebook and tag it with 'expense' for your searches.

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The app is simply gorgeous app, dressed brightly in spring green and summery yellows throughout. It makes writing notes a pleasure and not so much of a chore. The iOS and Android versions - both official apps by Evernote - have mostly a grey background with the notes on a generic note card background. It might seem like aesthetics on the surface, but under all that grey is the power of an official app, with plenty of things that end up missing from the E Notes experience.

E Notes is current missing some extra features over its official bretheren, including uploading of audio recordings and photos, as well as a mechanism to share your notes via email or onto social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. You also can't save locations or searches within E Notes. There are desktop-based workarounds for things like uploading media, but that's not exactly our preferred method of doing things. But who wants that extra work? E Notes is still fairly fresh to the App Catalog, so new features could be in store.

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At $1.00, E Notes is reasonably priced. Sure, it's not free like other clients, including Evernote's own app, but this is third party work after all. A dollar gets you a decent Evernote app built from a modern framework for modern devices, and unlike competitors like Notes HD, Pocket Mirror, or even the built-in Memos app, E Notes syncs to a third party service that you can access anywhere from multiple devices. If you're wanting a better Evernote experience on your TouchPad, you won't go wrong with E notes.

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