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App Review: Market Pulse HD 11

by Adam Marks Thu, 30 Jun 2011 8:49 pm EDT

If you are someone who is interested in investing or just like to follow your favorite stocks, Market Pulse HD by More Solutions is for you. As a followup to their webOS mojo app MoreStocks, Market Pulse HD was developed using Enyo specifically for webOS 3.0 and the Touchpad. The layout of the app does a great job utilizing the extra screen space of the tablet to maximize the information available to you, yet it does not feel cluttered at all. At $3.99, Market Pulse HD is already available in the App Catalog as part of the first batch of "developed for Touchpad" apps, and is definitely worth checking out.

Upon initially loading up the app, you are presented with a two-paned screen that is quickly becoming a standard for apps on the Touchpad. On the left of the screen you will see a listing of all of your stock portfolios, with the developer initially providing you two non-editable portfolios for both US and International markets and then one editable portfolio preloaded with some tech related stocks. Tapping on a portfolio will bring up the stocks/markets associated with that portfolio on the right side of the screen, along with clickable links for current news for those stocks in that portfolio. You can also add new portfolios or new stocks by tapping the respective buttons on the bottom of the page. Along the top right of the page are buttons that allow you to edit the portfolio (delete stocks, rename or delete portfolio) or toggle additional options (turn on extended hours or change the sort order of the stocks), or you can simply look up any stock quote without having to add it to the portfolio. Press-and-holding on a stock will also put you into "delete" mode to remove stocks in the portfolio.

Once a specific portfolio is selected, each stock shows up as an individual box on the right pane, with the current price and the daily change (either dollar or percentage, as set in preferences), a mini intra-day chart, and color coded based on the day's performance. While the colors are the standard green (for positive) or red (for negative), they are even shaded lighter or darker based on the size of the percentage change. To get more information about the stock, tap on it. You will be brought to a detail page that contains real-time updates for that company. On the left side of the page you get the current activity/historical performance, and on the right side you will see a large graph of the stocks performance on top and the latest news for that company below that. Rotating the Touchpad to portrait mode adjusts the layout nicely, simply moving the activity/historical data above the chart.

The stock chart itself is interactive as well. Buttons below the chart allow you to switch between an Intraday, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 5 years view, and tapping on the chart brings you into full screen mode where you can zoom or pan around the chart. A quick tap on the back arrow in the top left corner brings you back to the stock summary page, and another tap on the back arrow on that page brings you back to the main portfolio view.

Finally, from the application dropdown menu that is accessed from the top-left of the screen you can load up a preferences screen. Here you can decide if you want your stocks displayed as the company's name or stock symbol, whether you see the daily change in percentage or points, your auto-refresh update interval, and an option on how to display the stock charts (e.g. line, mountain, etc). There is also an option to send anonymous data back to the developer to help them gather information about how people are using the app.

Market Pulse also takes advantage of the extended features of webOS, specifically Just Type Search and Exhibition mode. Once activated from within Just Type preferences, you can just type a stock symbol into Just Type and Market Pulse HD will launch to the stock summary screen with all same real-time stock information as was presented above. And for Exhibition mode, you can essentially set the full app to run when docked on the Touchstone. You have full interactive access to your portfolios, stocks, news, etc. in the same format and look of the full app, just running within Exhibition.

As one of the first batch of Enyo-based apps available for webOS, it is clear how flexible the development framework can be for different screen sizes. In Market Pulse HD, the sliding pane model of apps allows you to see a third more stocks on the screen by hiding the portfolio listing, and rotating the device seamlessly readjusts the components on the screen. While those longtime webOS users [and this writer] will undoubtedly miss the back swipe to move back within an app, the extra screen real estate easily allows for a small back button on the screen without taking away from the aesthetics of the app.

Overall, Market Pulse HD is a great looking app and provides real time access to your stocks and market indexes. While it doesn't integrate into your Google, Yahoo or other online portfolio, it's extremely easy to set up and manage your portfolios. I would have liked more options to sort the stocks within a portfolio as well as a list view instead of the boxes and there are some features that are present in the developer's MoreStocks app that are missing in this initial release of the app, such as a stock ticker in the notification dashboard and price/change alerts. While we have been told that these will be coming in a future update along with some other surprise goodies, this initial release is still a fully functional app and a welcome additional to your newly purchased Touchpad!