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App Review: Photo Effects Tablet Edition 5

by Adam Marks Wed, 06 Jul 2011 10:12 pm EDT

If you are familiar with the Photo Effect suite of products from Rusty Apps or you just read our review of Photo Effects Pro, you already know that these apps allow you to perform a variety of effects or edits to photos on your device. From cropping or rotating, to blurring or embossing, the Photo Effects apps provide a simple to use interface with a whole lot of power under the hood. The latest app in the collection is Photo Effects Tablet Edition which, not surprisingly, is an Enyo version of the app designed for the Touchpad and can be found in the App Catalog for $2.99

Just as the recent Photo Effect Pro for webOS 2.1, this is actually a hybrid app, although an Enyo/PDK hybrid and not a Mojo/PDK hybrid. However, the general look and feel of the app remains relatively consistent with its mojo predecessor, just taking advantage of the much larger screen of a tablet while still performing all photo editing directly on the device. No internet connection needed.

Upon opening the app, you tap the folder icon on the top left of the screen to select the photo you want to edit. You are then given the option to load up the full size photo or start off with a lower res version to speed up the processing time within the app. This is a nice option for when you plan to send off a lower resolution image since you will want to reduce the size of the photo later, anyway. [note: this functionality was added to Photo Effects Pro, as well, after our initial review]

Once the photo is loaded up, the image is presented on the majority of the screen, with your editing options along the left. Perform various actions, undo what you don't like, and save when done. When saving, you also get a resize option to further reduce the size of the photo and an option to rename it. Once saved, you then have the option to email the photo or you can find the photo in the Photos app under the "Photo Effects Tablet" folder. Unlike Photo Effects Pro, however, you don't have an option to see final photo full size since the photo is already large enough on the tablet screen, nor is there an option to share via the Messaging app (although we are told that this will be coming in a future update)

There really is not a lot more to say about this app as compared to our review of Photo Effects Pro. It's simple and it works. Actually, it mostly works, as the crop feature seems to be a little too aggressive with how much it crops. But the developer is working on a fix now that production hardware is available to test on, and we should hopefully see an update to fix this soon, as well as add some additional functionality that the developer is wokring on. Aside form the cropping issue, this is another top notch Photo Effects app from Rusty Apps.