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App Review: SecuStore 2 [for TouchPad] 10

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 30 Jul 2011 8:23 pm EDT

MakleSoft has been making plenty of news this week. They're giving away 100 copies of Plancastic for webOS smartphones, they've released Advanced Browser for the TouchPad and are giving it away this week, and they've put their last app, SecuStore 2, on a 33% sale to get the app into as many hands as possible. It's SecuStore 2 that caught our eye today, though, and we thought it would be important to give you a full review of the app that was built to keep your data secure and encrypted on your TouchPad. 

At the current price of $9.99 (which will only last until tomorrow, so get it now!), SecuStore 2 sits a bit more expensive than most other apps in the catalog. Is it worth the price, though? It would be easy to say yes if the only thing that it did was store our passwords in a secure way; security for us should just be that important. But because the developers have taken the app even further beyond the calling to create a tool that every TouchPad owner should not go without, the price is most than justified. Keep reading after the break to get our full review, but be quick to hit the app catalog as well and take advantage of the on-sale price before tomorrow!

As we said before, SecuStore 2 makes password management very easy. In just a few taps you can create a set (a folder) for storing the data, and within each set create individual items that hold the stored data. Each set can have a different password created before even having access to the data within that folder, and once you are in you can quickly switch to another set by using the sliding panels that come in webOS 3.0. One tap and you can look in another set for the data that you need, but with 256-bit encryption you don't need to worry about someone else getting access that quickly and stealing your data. Everything in the app can also be edited quickly by tapping the Pencil icon next to the set or item name; this allows you to change passwords, image thumbnails and other fields.

If you think that SecuStore 2 is only going to store your passwords, though, you would be missing out on a whole lot. Because it is encrypted behind two password fields (which you can also set through the preferences option in the top left corner), and is 256-bit encrypted, saving other important data like pin numbers, gift cards, license keys, private notes, network information, contact details and any other possible selections, SecuStore 2 is a great app to use for keeping your whole life organized and secured in one place. If the pre-made templates aren't enough for you, and they usually are, you can also create your own templates with a custom thumbnail, text fields and names for use at any time.

The app does have some tricks that you'll probably enjoy. It is integrated with the OS in some very nice ways; tap on any field with data in it to copy that data to the TouchPad's clipboard for pasting somewhere else. You can also backup all of the data on your device (it's always a great idea to have a redundant copy saved somewhere) and upload it to your free 50GB account in a CSV file, and later restore that backup using the menu option in the top left corner of the app. Finally, if you've bought Advanced Browser from the catalog, you can also use SecuStore to log into your favorite websites with the tap of the globe in the bottom right corner (it auto-fills the fields in the website that gets launched in Advanced Browser).

MakleSoft has done a whole lot of work to make this app extremely usable for TouchPad users to add to their daily routine. The design is beautiful and easy to navigate, the features are nearly complete with nothing really left to be desired, the integration with other apps really makes the experience satisfying and overall the app just fills a lot of needs that any computing device is in need of, especially the TouchPad. The app is susceptible to the known SQL data bug that we've told you about before, so be sure to not delete any apps before backing up your data to a computer (that fix is coming in webOS 3.0.2 update and is not a problem with the app). Other than that we have found very little to complain about with SecuStore 2. 

Grab the app in the catalog now for $9.99 (until Sunday, July 31st). Then leave a review and email the developers for a free copy of Advanced Browser. As a webOS application, it is definitely going down in our books as a top pick. As a completely secure and encrypted data-storage and password management app, SecuStore gets the title of #1 in the webOS catalog, or at least for now. After you've checked it out for yourself, let us know in the comments if you agree with our conclusion - you'll be hard-pressed not to.