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App Review: TaskMaster HD
by Sharon L Copeland on Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012

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What do you think of when you think of a taskmaster? You think of someone that constantly challenges you to do a certain task. You can picture someone who cracks the whip driving you to meet results for a specific deadline. They push you and push you, and usually show no mercy. But lucky a developer by the name of Rashi has made such issues a little easier to handle.

TaskMaster HD, originally made for webOS smartphones, takes list making to another level. Sure there are other task or note taking apps available for webOS, but what this does specifically, especially if you have an a Type-A personality is define those details. Right down to costs, time, and date associated with the chore. And it works.

Let’s get down what we love about the app. Like many of the task related apps they have effectively used the panes feature so you have a sense of order.  They take you from a task list, to an items list panel and ending with a details panel. You can group you tasks by date, time and urgency.

In the task list pane on the very bottom you have three icons. There is a waste basket to get rid of unwanted tasks; an edit task clipboard, and an adding task clipboard.  In the items list pane you have the option the change how the list is categorized. Options range from priority to date; to time and owner of the list; from cost to status. Seems like a lot but as we said before, the app is called taskmaster, so it really lives up to the definition.

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 Click on any of tasks and it will lead you to the detail panel and it will give you a good summary of items with notes and you can set it up notifications. You have the option to print and email your list to keep in a notebook or pin up on a family chore board. The customizations go further to adding a splash of color where needed. Instead of having the same old notepad background, you have a choice of colors to express your personality. The default color will always be gray under the theme option; but you also can pick from red (which looks like pink to us), blue or green. Under preferences you can set any of those colors as your personal default when it opens.

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Under the task mater pull down, click maintenance and then categories. Under that option you see your named tasks. If you click on one you get the summary and you have the option to put an additional color highlight color on your task. Be sure you save after you enter the information. There are drop down everywhere you turn.  We advise you to read the help section to nail down all the information if you get lost; because you will. One very important tidbit: To get out of any section, there is a tiny little door on the bottom left on most of the items in the drop down menu. We felt that was important to mention because you are not always going to be able to close, cancel or swipe your way out of a section

Right under the drop down there are three icons; a list, a clock for items that have a specific time and an icon list so you can see what has been completed, in progress, paused or need to be canceled. Also under the task detail panel you have the option under status to change the action from started to completed.

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As you can see there are a lot of bells and whistles to TaskMaster HD. You can add little or as much as you wanted to keep your life in order. We think this would be an app best used in business applications because of its complexity. There are a few additions we wish were there like an option to convert from Euros to dollars to costs. And of course to trim down how many drop downs you’d need; but we can see the developer was meticulous in making sure he didn’t miss anything and allow incorporating it in places where the user might forget where it was. We found it a little too busy. All in all this is a great app if you are looking for app that would let to set up tasks like a project manager; it’s worth the $1.99 price tag.

TaskMaster HD $1.99 is available in the webOS app catalog for those who like order in everything they do.

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