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App Review: toodleTasks HD 33

by Riz Parvez Mon, 25 Jul 2011 10:35 pm EDT

Task management has been a core functionality baked into Palm’s DNA since it's humble beginnings in the early nineties. Certainly for the average Mobile Accomplisher, having some method of organizing a list of to-do items is a must-have feature, arguably as important as calendar, contacts, and e-mail. With the advent of webOS back in 2009, there were definitely a few jeers at the performance of the built-in task manager, but if nothing else, at least it was there. Fast forward to July 1st and the launch of webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad, and even a bare-bones application for managing tasks was nowhere to be found. Fortunately for those of us looking to add a webOS tablet into their daily workflow, an effective remedy quickly became available thanks to the efforts of Prodisoft in creating toodleTasks.

toodleTasks, as the name implies, is a full-featured task management app that synchronizes with Toodledo, a free, web-based task management solution. Just enter your login information for Toodledo into toodleTasks and all your to-do items are pulled down from the cloud.

One of the best things about toodleTasks is it's implementation of the TouchPad's sliding panes paradigm to help you view your tasks in different ways. The leftmost column gives you an extensive array of organizational options, from stratifying by basic methods like folder, priority and due date, to more unique methods like goal, location, and status. The middle column gives you fast access to your list of tasks, with further subfiltering options. For example, you can choose to view your overdue tasks globally from the left pane, then subfilter your tasks in the middle pane by priority. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for analyzing your to-do list, and it’s very accessible thanks to the efficient use of the TouchPad’s ample screen real-estate. Rounding out the 3 pane arrangement is the Task Details panel on the right-hand side. This lets you view detail for any single task, including it’s folder, due date, priority, status, and notes.

toodleTasks has a powerful set of tools for searching and acting on tasks as well. Arranged along the bottom of each pane are somewhat cryptic buttons that allow you to edit tags, add tasks, refresh your view, add an additional level of filtration (e.g., overdue tasks, sorted by priority, for just one folder), mark complete, star, adjust due date, delete, or edit. Conveniently, toodleTasks also allows for multi-select and task searching from within the app, and task addition through Quick Actions so you can be more efficient about getting things done. It takes a little playing around to figure out how to use all the buttons at the bottom, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly straightforward.

 While toodleTasks is certainly not lacking in terms of features, there are definitely some rough edges within the app. At times there is some lag when trying to check tasks off, and there’s no simple way (like a column of checkboxes in the middle) to quickly go through and mark off tasks as completed one-by-one. Also, as of this writing some features don’t yet work correctly. For example, the upper-right checkbox for marking a task complete isn’t functioning, although tasks can still be checked off using a button on the bottom of the right panel. Fortunately, when I ran into a problem early-on with the app, the developer was quick to respond and very interested in getting user feedback on how to make it function better.

So at the end of the day, even with the arguably minor shortcomings I’ve listed, toodleTasks remains a powerful task management tool. It’s wonderful to see something of this caliber available for the TouchPad right after launch, especially given the lack of a native solution out of the box. If you’re already invested in Toodledo for task management, toodleTasks will probably be a no-brainer to add to your workflow. Even if you’re not, it’s robust set of features and excellent design make it an app worth the $4.99 pricetag. Toodletasks is available now in the app catalog. Check it out and see if it doesn’t help get the job done for you as well.