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App Spotlight: Card Ace: Blackjack

by Derek Kessler Tue, 16 Feb 2010 9:00 pm EST

Card Ace: Blackjack While Gameloft and EA are busy churning out fancy PDK games, the folks at Self Aware Games are working within the confines of the Mojo SDK to make fun and interesting games. On webOS they’ve already released Word Ace and Card Ace: Texas Hold ‘Em, and recently the App Catalog welcomed a third member of the Ace family: Blackjack.

Card Ace: Blackjack leverages the fun online competition that is the signature of the Ace-series of games. With one account you can also play in Word Ace and Texas Hold ‘Em, with your winnings, stats, and friends carrying over between the games. And you’re not limited to playing against just webOS users - the Ace family of games is also available in the iPhone App Store and Word Ace even launched on Facebook late last year. Blackjack on your phone is fun, but playing against (and taunting) other players makes it that much better. Card Ace: Blackjack is available now for free from the App Catalog.