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App Spotlight: GeoStrings

by Derek Kessler Fri, 04 Dec 2009 1:19 pm EST

Have you ever come home from running errands, only realized that the one thing you forgot to put on your list was available at a store near where you were already shopping? If you’re like me, chances are you’ve done that more than once, and it really gets old after a while. PreCentral forum member and developer of the popular homebrew app Music Player (Remix) is coming to our collective rescue with a new original app called GeoStrings.

GeoStrings is a cross between a task list and a GPS tracker. As the video above demonstrates, one operates the app by entering a reminder item, such as picking up the new Star Trek DVD, and then adding a location (or locations) at which to accomplish that activity, thus making a ‘GeoString.’ When you’re in the area, GeoStrings puts up an alert on your phone so that you can go and take care of the task.

The app also saves a history of your locations and GeoStrings, creates location groups (e.g. stores where you can buy DVDs), lets you search for businesses through Google, and more. Alarms can even be customized such that they only happen on specific days or within a specified radius of your locations. GeoStrings also will run in the background, periodically checking your location to find nearby GeoStrings.

It’s apps like this that truly leverage the unique features of webOS. GeoStrings will soon be entering closed beta testing and will later be available in the App Catalog.

[via: The MX Web]

Thanks to gizmo21 for the tip!