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App submissions update has unintended consequence of locking out older phones on 2.1

by Derek Kessler Wed, 08 Jun 2011 10:13 am EDT

You might recall several days back when HP announced an update to their app submission process. Instead of requiring developers to select the individual devices their app would support, they would now select parameters (minimum OS version, supported resolution, etc) that would be used to ensure the apps are made available in the App Catalog to compatible devices. Essentially, it moved the device selection process to the server side, where HP’s servers look at the parameters and determine which devices should be allowed to see which apps.

There’s a problem, though: it seems that HP’s servers don’t recognize that some older phones are running webOS 2.1 (which it did before) and thus don’t make 2.x compatible apps available to them under the new system. It’s one thing for the app to be made unavailable to new customers, but it’d also disappear for existing users as well. It’s threatening to remove some of our favorite apps, like Music Player (Remix) from the available app pool for Pre and Pre Plus phones running webOS 2.1, regardless of whether or not that phone is running 2.1 legitimately or thanks to a meta-doctor update. As far as the App Catalog servers are concerned, the Pre 2 and Veer are the only phones running webOS 2.x right now.

We’re certain this was an unintended consequence of a change that was supposed to make things easier for app developers. While we imagine addressing this oversight is on the Developer Relations Team’s to-do list, they’ve got a lot on their hands getting the App Catalog ready for the TouchPad launch. Thanks to WebOS Internals, there is a homebrew solution: download Impostah and, so long as you know the app ID (com.palm.blahblahblah), you should still be able to download your apps without fear of their disappearing.