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BirthdayList main
by ahsirg
Apr 14, 2012
BirthdayList v.1.0.3   New in v.1.0.3: - HP pre3 support New in v.1.0.2: - contact the person by tapping on his name/photo   The application shows all your on-device contact's birthdays (...
by MetaView
Nov 21, 2010
Application to create calendar events for your contacts birthdays. Reminder is adjustable. At the moment it creates all-day events, and the reminders will be set in a way that it pop ups on midday,...
by backlund
Jan 23, 2010
Location based alerts! Let Geotasks use the power of your WebOS device's GPS to remind you to pick up the milk when you pass by the grocery store! Features include multiple location alerts,...
by kedohmen
Oct 22, 2009
Are you a turn off the alarm and then over sleep kinda person? Need something to make sure you’re awake? Then check out Wake-N-Play! With Wake-N-Play the alarm won’t go off until you’ve finished...