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by somline
Aug 31, 2010
Dr. Battery: analyze and recalibrate your battery Features: Get the true capacity your battery can hold Recalibrate your battery Get reliable info about remaining runtime Repair your 20% drop 0%...
by StoneRyno
Apr 20, 2010
Due to a minor change in appinfo when upgrading from 1.0.3, 1.0.4, and 1.0.5 it will likely appear as if Battery Monitor is installed twice in the installed app list or both may actually be installed...
by neville1355
Dec 08, 2009
The Pre battery has never been a strong point. As a result, there has been a good deal of guess work on battery life based on configurations. Should I turn off my GPS, should I keep AIM offline,...
by PRedwood
Sep 22, 2009
Battery Saver automatically turns on Airplane mode each night at your scheduled time. This will not only extend your battery life but give you a quiet night's rest free from phone calls, messaging,...