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by roshang
Oct 19, 2014
My Currency Calc is a very simple FX Calculator written in Enyo 2.0 for all Web OS devices.    It was build on top of WebOS Ports Calculator App by adding FX support.    It...
graph output
by brettfo
Jun 30, 2012
Expression evaluator The expression evaluation part of the calculator should be easy enough to figure out; you give it an expression an it'll evaluate it if possible. Some examples include: 3+4*2...
by droggen
Jan 09, 2012
HP 48GX emulatorBased on x48 revision 0.6.4It might happen that the HP48 doesn't turn on: in this case press repeatedly the ON key, or close and relaunch the program. This is an issue of x48....
by GreenHex
Jan 06, 2012
This is a modification to the excellent JsCalc by Tim Strom, incorporating the following two changes: Colour coded buttons. The "=" button moved to the right. You can see the changes in...
CalcNode: Calculator & Converter
by theone-cze
Oct 10, 2011
    CalcNode: Converter & Calculator is a simple high precision calculator and base converter made for the HP touchpad. It features both a main app and a popup calculator and converter...
by rretsiem
Dec 16, 2010
The Amazing Unit & Currency Converter for webOS! Convertor is an amazingly smart unit conversion utility for your webOS Device. Convert between over 420 units across 20 categories including...
by palmdoc#AC
Sep 16, 2010
The risk assessment tool uses information from the Framingham Heart Study to predict a person’s chance of having cardiovascular disease (CVD). Update: v 0.4.0 : Corrected typo: should be HDL...
by johncc
Aug 22, 2010
This update 0.24.0 Another change to orientation with webOS 3.0.5.  DO NOT update unless you have updated webOS to 3.0.5 0.22.0 Corrects orientation problem introduced on the TP by 3.0.4 This is a...
by calvinkrishy
Jul 06, 2010
This webOS application allows you to perform calculations on dates and time. Features Find & Remind: Calculate which date it would be N days from the chosen date. Also allows you to set...
by johncc
Jun 29, 2010
In this update... 0.7.0  Another change to orientation with webOS 3.0.5.  DO NOT update unless you have updated webOS to 3.0.5 Runs on all devices including Touchpad outside the Mojo emulator at 1.5x...