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main screen
by penduin
Oct 20, 2014
sinceWhen+ keeps track of specific times. Use it to check when you last took your medication, track how long it's been since you washed your car, or any time/duration you wish to remember. Custom...
WP Central
by MetaView
Apr 30, 2013
"Just Exhibition" the great exhibition app from the AppCatalog (still sales for 0.99 there) comes here for free. And it even goes a step further: Replace the rotating news roll by an astounishing...
MW150 screen
by MetaView
Dec 10, 2011
A service app to enable communication between your webos device and some bluetooth powered smart watches (Pebble, Sony-Ericsson MBW150/200, Sony LiveView). The app might later include a basic music...
by got2surf
Oct 26, 2010
Ever wondered how long you have until some event in the future? Time Until is an app that shows you just that - the time remaining until some event! Features: - Allows the user to create events...
by arthurthornton
Jul 14, 2010
The point of the app is very simple: Display a clock on screen (while the screen is always on). This is great for use at night when you want to see what time it is without having to have an alarm...
by pyjohnson
Feb 02, 2010
Timesheet is an app to record your working day (i.e. clock in time, lunch break and clock out time) and Calculates your hours worked, flexi time for the day and overtime. The Month View then shows...
by X7JAY7X
Jan 26, 2010
This is set to expire on 4-30-10. For the full version check out Timepiece on the App Catalog. Features Digital clock Different styles and colors Ability to force screen to stay on indefenitely or...
by bubeck
Jan 15, 2010
TimeTracker is an application to record your working time, associate it with projects, and annotate it with comments. At the end of the month (or any other time) you can display your data in various...
by dallashigh
Jan 14, 2010
webOS Support: 1.3.5+ NTP Sync is a minimalist utility to sync your webOS device's internal clock with Internet time. It runs in seconds and has no GUI as of yet. Feedback is provided by banner...
by juergen
Nov 29, 2009
CountDownClock is a small but powerful count down timer. It supports multiple timers (count downs), can store timers for reusing and gives a short alert when the timer is reached. I wrote this...