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by droggen
Jan 09, 2012
HP 48GX emulatorBased on x48 revision 0.6.4It might happen that the HP48 doesn't turn on: in this case press repeatedly the ON key, or close and relaunch the program. This is an issue of x48....
by pithanks
Mar 28, 2011
DOSBox 0.74.4 for webOS   0.74.4  - Changed mouse right click to tapping on gesture area instead of swyping   0.74.3  - Portrait mode support(rotatescreen=true in dosbox.conf)  - Added tab key('q' in...
by kalemsoft
Feb 02, 2010
NesEm is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for WebOS. Features: Runs more than 300 games on Palm Pre Supports four channel sound Game saving Automatic speed adjustment Provides...