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Flixi layouts
by Qiller
Mar 03, 2015
Flixi is a unique widget based Exhibition app for TouchPad. Build your own favorite screensaver: pick from a number of predefined layouts, fill them with widgets as you wish. All grown up and...
by geeksquadkid
Aug 26, 2011
This is an application with links to many of the most popular and most visted Internet sites for trolling and fooling around on. I made this so that I could have all the links in one easy place and...
by grepper
Dec 05, 2009
Available in the App Catalog! FriendsFlow is a Facebook client. It has many capabilities which are not available in x.facebook.com such as polling for updates, viewing mobile posts, using the palm...
by sic_software
Dec 02, 2009
Friendsbook is a free facebook client, that allows you to view your news feed and your friends facebook account. See you facebook notifications count, the notification details and mark them as read....