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Flixi layouts
by Qiller
Mar 03, 2015
Flixi is a unique widget based Exhibition app for TouchPad. Build your own favorite screensaver: pick from a number of predefined layouts, fill them with widgets as you wish. All grown up and...
by _patrickc_
Aug 27, 2010
A Flickr Search app. Use to search the Flickr picture database. I'm new to app creating, so any help would be appreciated! :) log: 0.5.0 initial release
by lmorchard
Oct 01, 2009
Flickr Uploadr for webOS allows you to upload photos to Flickr from your webOS device.
by girlie_mac
Aug 27, 2009
Updated to v.0.9.1 on Aug. 31 New on version 0.9.1 - Added the "Swipe-to-delete" function ------------------------------------------- This is a power-up version of my last app, "iCuteOverload for...