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WebOS Quiz Start
by AwesomePalmPre127
Mar 31, 2012
Are you new to webOS? Do you want to be briefly enlightened on webOS history? The webOS Quiz can do that! The webOS Quiz is a simple true or false game I've put together so you can test your...
by dreamerman_pl
Oct 08, 2011
dStats Check is simple program that allows you to rapid checking of your statistics from games, and compare them with stats of your friends. Add and manage your profiles at home, in school/job you...
by rsanchez1
Nov 03, 2010
Grav is a simulator for gravitational interactions between multiple bodies. Explore multiple pre-made systems, or create your own systems, and watch them evolve in time. Instructions You can navigate...
by dallashigh
Jul 08, 2010
A native Mille Bornes clone for the Palm Pre. Currently in beta stage. Please see the forum thread for questions, suggestions, and support!   beta4! Artificial intelligence for computer plays. Enable...
by rboatright
May 22, 2010
Advanced Chess is a chess app by Mathias Eck. It is currently using the Stockfish or Glaurung chess engines, and has a compressed opening book. This is in no way related to the other javascript...


by ledzepman71
May 20, 2010
This app is the classic card game, war. This is truly a game of chance, no strategy required, but oh so fun. Flip card by card through your deck by taping, comparing who has the higher card on the...
by kayahr
Apr 24, 2010
Fly your space ship through an asteroid field and destroy all asteroids to reach the next level. Defend yourself against enemy UFOs and collect shield energy from them to repair damage from...
by Indecom
Apr 05, 2010
This game currently uses nothing other than standard javascript, html, and css. I'm not using canvas, not yet anyways. The main goal of Wolfenstein Pre-D is to reproduce the shareware episode of...
by mosdl
Mar 25, 2010
GiantBomb is a Palm WebOS app for Whiskey Media's website, the world's largest editable video game database. It allows browsing game reviews, reading news, watching videos, listening to...
by rnowmrch
Mar 13, 2010
Free Tetris game with some extra features!