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google maps

by 72ka
Apr 20, 2012
Description: This application is trying to be a replacement of unsupported Google Maps application for WebOS devices. The application is based on the recent Google Maps API V3. Development goal...
My Location Map
by AwesomePalmPre127
Feb 19, 2012
My Location is an app for determining your current location using Google Maps in combination with location services. You can toggle between a map-street view and a satellite view. You can also pan...
by MetaView
Dec 16, 2010
Professional (& ad-free) version of the webOS contest winner application: MapTool. MapTool is the state-of-the-art map app for webOS. Most appreciate features are: online and offline maps (...
by milominderbinde
Jan 14, 2010
Google Latitude shows you where your family and friends are. You can also tap a friend's icon to text or call them. Unfortunately Latitude is not yet intended to work on a Palm Pre or Pixi. But...