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External map view
by Jakuje
Nov 21, 2014
Wherigo player for webOS is port of famous Geocaching game Wherigo. You can enjoy real outdoor adventures & play games that responds to you moves thanks to GPS and on your favorite phone. Works...
Main view
by wayne@angrygoat
Nov 17, 2014
-Displays data from the phone's GPS unit. -Copy the GPS data to the clipboard and paste it in another app. -Record the GPS data & email it or upload it to Google Docs in CSV, GPX, or KML...
Screenshot GPStoggle (Auto Close)
by DiplPhy
Jul 30, 2012
Very simple app. All it does is toggle your GPS setting and close after it automatically. So you don't have to open the location settings preferences to toggle between having GPS on or off. When you...
Main Screen
by karry
Mar 12, 2012
MojoTracker is an application that acquires GPS track points from the Palm Pre built-in GPS. The track points are stored internally in your phone. Later, you can view it and export to standard gpx...
My Location Map
by AwesomePalmPre127
Feb 19, 2012
My Location is an app for determining your current location using Google Maps in combination with location services. You can toggle between a map-street view and a satellite view. You can also pan...
by MetaView
Sep 29, 2011
Turn your webOS phone into a BT GPS device for use with MapTool Pro or other apps which support external NMEA GPS devices. This is a full working beta version. It especially needs a better icon. Once...
by Ze-Palm
Dec 04, 2010
*** Update v1.5.3: * New features:* Bug fixed encounter by German users German translation modified <-- Requested by users. Cosmetic changes ... iGPS embeds the functionality of an advanced...
by Ze-Palm
Jun 19, 2010
iCoach embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld GPS unit to Track and Graph your outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking,... In real time you have your: Speed Time elapsed...
by Minsc
Jun 18, 2010
Homing Device is a location app that is controlled by text messages. It's really simple and works like this: You define a "trigger" word (basically any combination of letters/numbers) and then you...
by samid
Apr 11, 2010
This application simply launches Google Latitude. Google Latitude lets you see where your friends are. Basically, you can set which friends you share your location with and then they can select to...