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Angry Birds Space in webOS
by eblade
Sep 15, 2012
Play the Flash demo of Angry Birds: Space on your TouchPad.  
by hiddenpremise
Nov 11, 2011
SubOrbital Beta 3 (Touchpad Only) Beta 3 New Features Batch Icon Management! Backup/Snapshot manager Multiple resolved bugs. Please note there is an unenforced dependency on "SysToolsMgr". It is...
by mapara
Feb 22, 2011
Utilities for Active Card 2. WORKS WITH AC 2.1.1 and higher!   Version 0.1.0b:  - APP SYNC: AC launcher (dock widget) can now access all your installed apps; More coming soon.   If you don't have...
by kr_ke
Dec 12, 2010
SchedMyPhone is an application, which allows you to start applications or play sounds automatically at some time intervals. It is inspired by the Unix-utility cron. Changelog: 1.0.0: WebOS 2.x-...