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My Location Map
by AwesomePalmPre127
Feb 19, 2012
My Location is an app for determining your current location using Google Maps in combination with location services. You can toggle between a map-street view and a satellite view. You can also pan...
by fzammetti
Sep 27, 2011
Local Business Search is a free application from the book "Practical webOS Projects with the Palm Pre". It allows the user to search for businesses in and around their current location (as...
by Ze-Palm
Dec 04, 2010
*** Update v1.5.3: * New features:* Bug fixed encounter by German users German translation modified <-- Requested by users. Cosmetic changes ... iGPS embeds the functionality of an advanced...
by christophl87
Aug 29, 2010
This application allows you to update your position on Google Latitude. In addition to that it can start a background service that updates your position automatically in a configured interval. The...
by Ze-Palm
Jun 19, 2010
iCoach embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld GPS unit to Track and Graph your outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking,... In real time you have your: Speed Time elapsed...
by Minsc
Jun 18, 2010
Homing Device is a location app that is controlled by text messages. It's really simple and works like this: You define a "trigger" word (basically any combination of letters/numbers) and then you...
by backlund
Jan 23, 2010
Location based alerts! Let Geotasks use the power of your WebOS device's GPS to remind you to pick up the milk when you pass by the grocery store! Features include multiple location alerts,...
by xluryan
Nov 13, 2009
You must first register at whereismypre.com. Once you've registered, enter the information into the app on your phone and you're done. You can then view your location on the map on the site. If you...
by redhat
Aug 12, 2009
A simple app that solves a big problem - finding the nearest Starbucks location as fast as possible. Not every city is like New York where you can see at least two Starbucks signs from any...