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by Garfonso
Sep 04, 2013
This app exports all your notes from the notes /  memos app (or better the internal database) to a text file with tabulator seperated fields for: create timestamp, human readable create...
Incoming! for webOS
by tehtorq
Nov 12, 2011
Keep one step ahead of life's little curveballs. Incoming! is an app for webOS which aspires to be a drop in for Any.DO on Android. "feed the cat" "brother's birthday on 12 feb" "avengers on...
by oertuser
Dec 16, 2010
My DataBank is the most popular, customizable database application for webOS that can be used for general data storage on just about any information. This includes medical and health related data,...
by haeffb
Aug 10, 2010
  Noted! is a notes app that syncs with You'll need a Simplenote account to use Noted! Create a new account at this link:
by Seppel
Jan 14, 2010
When switching from good old PalmOS to brand new & shiny webOS you'll soon realize that you can't take your memos with you! Those hundreds of text snippets you collected over the last decades...
by hboisvert
Dec 05, 2009
Now also available from the App Catalog (see link below). CryptoNotes is a password protected notes app. It is the WebOS equivalent to TopSecret for PalmOS or BestJotter for S60. It's a great place...
by P2Labs
Oct 30, 2009
Are you tired of trying to highlight more than a few words of text to copy to the clipboard? Frustrated trying to enter complex passwords (numbers and characters) every time you need it? Enter...
by spdsktr
Oct 09, 2009
***Turn your phone into the perfect study companion with FlashCards*** Learn languages faster, prep for exams anywhere, teach your kids anytime, even test yourself with fun trivia. Download from our...