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photo displayed in desktop web browser
by DougReeder
Apr 17, 2015
Share pictures to any device on the local Wi-Fi network! Instead of the tiny screen of your phone, view your photos on a tablet, a desktop with a 23" screen or a wall-sized Internet-enabled TV....
by uptempo777
Jan 29, 2010
Quick Contacts is the ultimate speed dialing application that you've been missing. With Quick Contacts, you can call or SMS your favorite contacts with just a tap of their photo. Add your friend to...
by diov
Nov 27, 2009
Daily Photo is a "photo of the day" application with some nice extra features. It supports viewing today's photo, yesterday's and a random photo. It also has access to your own photos and the devices...
by frisco#WN
Nov 13, 2009
New version is available from the catalog. You can view private and public photo albums. You can adjust the photo resolution to match your current available bandwidth. Browse through featured photos...
by pixelpipe
Nov 02, 2009
Post Photo, Video, Audio & File directly from your Palm Pr? & Pixi to over 100 services across the Social Web with Pixelpipe Pro. We include support for most of the popular social networks,...
by worthb
Sep 23, 2009
Update: Oct. 16, 2009 - LaunchPoint Speed Dial is now available in the Palm App Catalog! LaunchPoint - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period. LaunchPoint lets you put photo icons of...