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by jessyjones
Jun 16, 2010
_________STILL IN FRENCH, ENGLISH VERSION WILL FOLLOW ASAP________ __________________________ STILL ON BETA _____________________________ In a few words, this app retrieves events from your calendar...
by graysoft
Jun 03, 2010
Version 1.4.2 submitted to app catalog - Updated to add ability to change Easy Contact display name on add or through main app menu item and added a command button in the lower left corner for...
by Grabber5.0
May 17, 2010
*** NOTE: This app does not work on webOS 2.x. *** Update version 0.9.9: MMS forwarding bug-fix - now looks for included text correctly and includes in forwarded message. You can forward calls, but...
by ccdoss
May 10, 2010
This program adds several features to the email application, including: Flagged emails: quickly view emails from flagged addresses Auto Bcc: automatically send a blind carbon copy of all emails you...
by mgmft
Apr 28, 2010
Many providers let you send a fax using sms services by simply adding a prefix to the fax number. SMS2Fax Beta does use this service and just makes it a bit more convenient. You can pick a contact...
by haeffb
Apr 15, 2010
REMEMBER, THIS IS THE BETA VERSION OF DONE! Things could go wrong. Horribly wrong. BP WRONG. Use at your own risk. If you have things you need to get Done!, then this is the app for you. Done! is the...
by SurfingJerry
Apr 12, 2010
Available from Palm Web feed: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sometimes you just need to take a measurement. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Display a ruler...
by RockoRobotics
Apr 11, 2010
Strategic Offensive is designed to be utility for miniature wargamers. It helps players create, manage, and store their army lists. Currently in version 0.4.1, this software allows players to:...
by Dick99999
Mar 27, 2010
Saving money and 'ease of call' are the objectives of iDialPlan SMSi. International phone calls and texting SMS messages are the focus for that. For example, still paying high rates for mobile calls...
by yasirzaki
Mar 19, 2010
This is a food application that allows you to check food product ingredients (specially emulsifiers) and let you know what exactly is each emulsifier and whether it is coming from animal origins or...