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by dannns
Feb 02, 2010
Securely store all your sensitive information in your phone. Safe Box is very flexible, allowing you to store a wide variety of details including passwords, credit cards, driver’s license, social...
by Maggun
Jan 30, 2010
Description: SecuStore enables you to safely store sensitve data like pins, credit card numbers and varius passwords on your palm pre or pixi. It allows you to organize your data into sets that are...
by haeffb
Jan 30, 2010
Myles allows you to log your business and personal trips for tax reporting, expense accounts or other purposes. Enter your beginning and ending odometer readings, purpose, destination. Choose a...
by oertuser
Jan 29, 2010
My DataBank is a simple yet powerful and customizable database application for webOS that can be used for general data storage on just about any information. This includes medical and health related...
by nlowhor
Jan 28, 2010
UPDATED to v0.2.0 This app was inspired by the ToDo app in Palm OS. Since leaving Palm OS for Windows Mobile a few years ago, I've been unable to find a ToDo app that I liked as much as the one in...
by Arcticus
Jan 26, 2010
Now available in the official App Catalog. Currently YouMail only supports US phone numbers. We are working with them to support our international friends soon. YouView is a visual voicemail client...
by backlund
Jan 23, 2010
Location based alerts! Let Geotasks use the power of your WebOS device's GPS to remind you to pick up the milk when you pass by the grocery store! Features include multiple location alerts,...
by krid
Jan 18, 2010
Keyring for webOS stores your account information securely, so you don't have to rely on your memory, or on little scraps of paper. Sensitive data are encrypted using the Blowfish algorithm, and...
by bubeck
Jan 15, 2010
TimeTracker is an application to record your working time, associate it with projects, and annotate it with comments. At the end of the month (or any other time) you can display your data in various...
by Seppel
Jan 14, 2010
When switching from good old PalmOS to brand new & shiny webOS you'll soon realize that you can't take your memos with you! Those hundreds of text snippets you collected over the last decades...