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by spdsktr
Oct 09, 2009
***Turn your phone into the perfect study companion with FlashCards*** Learn languages faster, prep for exams anywhere, teach your kids anytime, even test yourself with fun trivia. Download from our...
by eekfuh
Oct 06, 2009
TweeFree is the free version of the full featured Twitter client Twee. TweeFree includes all the normal twitter client features, including photo posting and viewing. It even has WhatTheTrend...
by humddum
Sep 16, 2009
For students to keep track of your grades and assignments. Enter graded assignments and the app will calculate your grade. Enter your upcoming homework and it will also sync up with your calendar...
by rgordon#WN
Sep 05, 2009
This is a conversion program for units and some numeric conversions. Initially the unit conversions supported is a short list of common ones, which I plan to grow over time. Features of the program...
by mcativa
Aug 30, 2009
demConvert is a simple abd comprehensive unit conversion calculator. It allows to convert between 200+ measure units in 12 categories: Length Mass - Weight Volume Temperature Cooking Acceleration...
by RickNeff
Aug 27, 2009
This is a re-creation of a similar app with the same name for PalmOS. I've created it for the Palm Pre since I use this a lot as an instructor for grading. It's a pretty simple app: Type the number...
by reuben.olsen
Aug 18, 2009
Contacts Plus is an alternative contact manager for the Palm Pre / webOS. Current Features Include: Activity Log - keep track of communication with any of your Contacts Plus contacts. Tagging -...
by TheMarco
Aug 17, 2009
As per B36: please UNINSTALL the existing app before installing B36 or higher. I had to change the app ID which means if you upgrade it won't overwrite but you'll end up with TWO calculators. This is...
by wturnerharris
Aug 17, 2009
This is a modified version of the advanced scientific calculator javascript application made by Rolf Howarth in 1996. A fully featured scientific calculator with proper operator precedence is...