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main screen
by penduin
Oct 20, 2014
sinceWhen+ keeps track of specific times. Use it to check when you last took your medication, track how long it's been since you washed your car, or any time/duration you wish to remember. Custom...
by kr_ke
Dec 12, 2010
SchedMyPhone is an application, which allows you to start applications or play sounds automatically at some time intervals. It is inspired by the Unix-utility cron. Changelog: 1.0.0: WebOS 2.x-...
by SirataXero
Oct 18, 2009
Update v0.0.6 11/25/2009 Help page added App submitted to Palm Catalog! Update v0.0.5 10/17/2009 Fixed bug which required users to launch preferences first and then enable map view in order to...