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TouchPad Text Editor
by theone-cze
Jun 04, 2012
TouchPad Text Editor is a text editing application made for the HP TouchPad. You can create new text files, edit old ones, remove old files, and even create new directories in your system. Features...
by semprance
Aug 27, 2010
A simple text editor for WebOS. CURRENT FEATURES: Ability to save to and load from a folder on the USB partition. Ability to change fixed width font and font color. NOTE #1: currently all files are...
by oertuser
Mar 01, 2010
Ever been in a situation where you needed to send a quick Text Message but didn't want to have to retype the same message again? Txt Ready is the perfect utility for anyone looking to send pre-...
by Jappus
Feb 05, 2010
pReader is an eBook Reader for WebOS that is currently supporting plain-text, HTML books, PalmDOC, MobiPocket, eReader and ePub files. The DRM schemes of MobiPocket and eReader are fully supported,...
by hboisvert
Dec 05, 2009
Now also available from the App Catalog (see link below). CryptoNotes is a password protected notes app. It is the WebOS equivalent to TopSecret for PalmOS or BestJotter for S60. It's a great place...
by rickhong
Oct 21, 2009
Preware is not supported at this timePlease install only via WebOS Quick Install for now [Reverting back to Demo version 1.1.0 temporarily] AutoCorrect Edit allows users to modify the autocorrect...
by worthb
Sep 23, 2009
Update: Oct. 16, 2009 - LaunchPoint Speed Dial is now available in the Palm App Catalog! LaunchPoint - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period. LaunchPoint lets you put photo icons of...
by Indecom
Sep 03, 2009
ZORK I is the grand daddy of all text adventure games, and it's been ported to the palm pre! This is based on Parchment, a JavaScript based conversion of a Firefox z-machine interpreter plugin....