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Some useless testing, but it WORKS :-D
by thg
Jun 30, 2012
This App is build to give you comfortable access to flashcards, pendrives and other USB mass-storage-devices like Pixi, Pre or Veer which are connected via an USB-OTG-cable, an USB-Y-cable with an...
TouchPad Text Editor
by theone-cze
Jun 04, 2012
TouchPad Text Editor is a text editing application made for the HP TouchPad. You can create new text files, edit old ones, remove old files, and even create new directories in your system. Features...
CalcNode: Calculator & Converter
by theone-cze
Oct 10, 2011
    CalcNode: Converter & Calculator is a simple high precision calculator and base converter made for the HP touchpad. It features both a main app and a popup calculator and converter...
by kjhenrie
Sep 21, 2011
Kindle Import is an App for the HP TouchPad that will faciliate sideloading books into the Kindle application. This application can be used in conjuction with Calibre ( and/...