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by arthurthornton
Dec 27, 2015
Sparrow is the Twitter client for TouchPad (and other tablets) written with Enyo 1.0. It has not been updated in years and is not supported anymore.
Flixi layouts
by Qiller
Mar 03, 2015
Flixi is a unique widget based Exhibition app for TouchPad. Build your own favorite screensaver: pick from a number of predefined layouts, fill them with widgets as you wish. All grown up and...
twitter timeline, mentions and favorites
by minego
Oct 21, 2014
An open source twitter client, based on phnx with additional features and support for webOS phones and tablets.
by fxspec06
Jan 04, 2013
NOTE: This app is for DEMO ONLY. Twitter services are disabled! However, you CAN customize themes, and it's VERY fun ;). This app is also a GREAT Enyo 2 demo as well. The world's first fully...
by fzammetti
Sep 27, 2011
Twitter Monitor is a free application from the book "Practical webOS Projects with the Palm Pre". This is a simple program that runs in the background and monitors friends that you specify on...
by geeksquadkid
Aug 26, 2011
This is an application with links to many of the most popular and most visted Internet sites for trolling and fooling around on. I made this so that I could have all the links in one easy place and...
by girlie_mac
Apr 12, 2010
ICanHasLOL allows you to: - view nearly 50 Cheezburger Network feeds including I Can Has Cheezburger, Fail Blog, GraphJam, Failbooking etc. - share via email, SMS, and you can even tweet with oAuth...
by pixelpipe
Nov 02, 2009
Post Photo, Video, Audio & File directly from your Palm Pr? & Pixi to over 100 services across the Social Web with Pixelpipe Pro. We include support for most of the popular social networks,...
by eekfuh
Oct 06, 2009
TweeFree is the free version of the full featured Twitter client Twee. TweeFree includes all the normal twitter client features, including photo posting and viewing. It even has WhatTheTrend...
by eekfuh
Aug 17, 2009
Twee is a full featured Twitter client for Palm's WebOS. Posting of photo's, tweeting, updating your location and finding out the newest trends has never been so sexy. Twee will be available on the...