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Apple, RIM, Google all looked at purchasing Palm

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 15 Jul 2010 3:46 pm EDT


HP won the bidding war, but Business Insider is filling out the details of from that intriguing SEC filing that suggested plenty of players were interested in purchasing the company. The named players: Apple, RIM, and Google.

On Apple, Dan Frommer reports:

Apple was mostly interested in Palm's huge library of intellectual property and patents [...] Apple even seemed committed to funding Palm's operations, perhaps to challenge RIM's dominance in the keyboarded segment of the smartphone industry, our source says.

That latter portion seems, well, kind of crazy to us. More believable is that RIM was also in the running - it's a synergy our pal CrackBerry Kevin thought would be a great idea some time ago - RIM has an aging OS, though BlackBerry OS 6 looks to turn that tide. Google was apparently not as seriously interested.

In all, we're pretty happy with how things turned out, as HP looks to be letting Palm act as a fairly independent subsidiary.

Source: Business Insider; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!