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Ares Development Platform Now Available To A Select Few

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 01 Dec 2009 3:10 pm EST

Ares (mock) Ares, Palm's forthcoming visual studio for webOS application development that was announced last month, seems to be steadily heading towards its promised "end of the year" release date.  Palm announced today that they're accepting a small batch of developers to help test the program, which is said to be in an "advanced alpha" stage. 

The details are still sparse (we've yet to actually see the thing in action), but from what we heard so far, Ares is shaping up to be a fairly powerful and easy to use programming environment.  When the program was announced, Palm had an engineer code up a Flickr search tool, in front of a live audience, using the drag and drop tools to create the various widgets and forms necessary for the application to run.

December is set to be an exciting time on the app development front, with Ares set to launch, and the App Catalog set to come out of beta and go into full swing