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Ares Development Tool Demoed on Video

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 Dec 2009 4:16 pm EST

Care to see a webOS app developed in under 10 minutes? Sure you do, even if it means having to take a performance enhancing drug just to keep up. Once you get past the rapid pace and robotic pace, what you're looking at is Project Ares in all its glory, drag-and-drop, in-browser development at its best.

In 9:37, FirstStryke08 puts together a Flickr photo search app. Obviously, this developer has worked in Ares before, so this is more of a demonstration of the power of Ares in experienced hands.

Interested in getting your hands dirty with Ares? All you need is a developer account with Palm, and that’s easy enough to get. So get crackin’ with the apps (especially now that we’ve got more space for them)!

Thanks to FirstStryke08 for the awesome video!