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Astraware Casino Astraware Sudoku

Interested in getting more PDK gaming goodness on webOS? A developer hold-out from the old Palm OS days is teasing us with newness: Astraware. Since the glory days of Palm OS, Astraware has turned their attentions to newer advanced platforms like Android OS and iOS. But with the PDK now out and about and bringing C and C++ gaming to the Palm Pre and Pre Plus, the time is ripe for iPhone programmers to easily bring their games to webOS.

Astraware is just one of those programmers. As their postings on Twitter have so artfully teased, they’re working on getting their games working on webOS. Already posted, as you can see above, have been shots of Astraware Casino and Sudoku running on a Pre, as well as a video of OddBlob running on the Pre. How long did it take to get Casino working on the Pre? Thirty minutes. PDK magic, we say.

Astraware says they're waiting on a webOS update (to 1.4.5, we assume) before their games become available in the App Catalog. And that PDK Hot Apps $1 million competition can't hurt either.. Check out OddBlob running after the break, in glorious video form.

Source: Astraware