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Astraware embiggening games for TouchPad

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Dec 2011 6:22 pm EST

Are you ready for Astraware Mahjong HD? Too bad, 'cause it's coming. It's taken a few months since the TouchPad launched for Astraware to jump on the webOS 3.0 bandwagon, so we won't comment on their missing the train before it was cancelled and instead embrace the idea of them bringing their popular games to our favorite webOS tablet. Astraware decided to tease us on Twitter with a photo of a TouchPad running the super-sized version of their Mahjong app, and this is no scaling job, no sir, this is full screen proper-resolution stacked tile matching at work here.

What else can we maybe expect from Astraware down the road? Maybe some artfully-desiogned Board Games or Sudoku? We'd say we're patently waiting, but we've gotten past that point. When it comes, it comes, and we'll be happy to have it when it does.

Source: Twitter; Via: PreCentral Forums