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Just a week ago Astraware teased their first game for the TouchPad, a proper full-sized version of their excellent Mahjong game. And now, just like that, it's available in the App Catalog for $2.99, bringing all the joy of stacked tile matching to the biggest webOS screen. Mahjong for TouchPad, as the call it, is a scaled-up high-texture version of the game already available for webOS smartphones, bringing the trademark perspective 3D, auto-zoomi, hints, and more to the table. If you even remotely enjoy Mahjong, it's worth the buy.

Astraware's a big firm as far as mobile gaming is concerned, but you can think of Mahjong as a sort of feeler for the viability of the games market for the TouchPad. Astraware, like any developer, would love to think that their time and money would be well spent developing for the TouchPad, and as such they've actually decided on some incentives for the webOS community to purchase the game. Namely, that the more TouchPad games Astraware sells, the more inclined they'll be to work up other Astraware games for the TouchPad. They've even gone so far as to put together a "TouchPad Totalizer" sales counter (see source link below), marking the sales goals for the next Astraware TouchPad release.

As of this writing, the total is sitting at 246 after one day's sales for Mahjong. The next app on the list is Astraware Sudoku, sitting at about 1,000 sales, followed by Solitaire at around 2,000 sales. Want Sudoku real bad? Then you might want to consider doubling down and buying Mahjong to further that goal. Granted, none of the sales are going to be enough to save webOS, but we'll be damned if we aren't going to get a nice solitaire app for the TouchPad!